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Date: 2018-02-27 14:27

Farag is not limited to white people I have been living here for 6 months now and I am called farang all the time. As a tourist I absolutely loved thailand I read books from waterstones,.guides litterally implying that as a dark skinned person 8775 kerk 8776 I will not be welcome and would have to work harder for their respect. Well I was shocked when I got here as it could not have been further from the truth. I have stayed in Krabi, Bangkok and now I live in Issan land. Well I loved Thailand when I first came here and I thought the people were amazing. fast forward a few months and hat sweet smile has turned into a nasty *censored* sneer. They don 8767 t even have the social grace to wait until I have left the room to say something in Thai and then laugh.. I was dressed up as a turkey for one of their parades ad elt amazing as I thought they were all being so lovey, only to realse they were just looking fir further photo opportunities to wheel the dancing monkey out and showcase me down the fucking street witout even asking my permission to actually join the procession before I realised it I was in it.
Before I knew it I was the centre of attention an alien photogrophers dream.. fingers pointing at me and some people shouting with that fake smile.. farang farang the thai woman beside me was fuming as nobody took pictues of her, i wanted to point out the reason I was the focal point was not exactly a good thing.
They made me feel like shit especially when they say ahhh beautiful beaufiful suaye how can they say this with a straight face my skin is dark my parents are from the carribean. A thai cab driver told me under no circumstances was I from the I had to be from Africa,
I know people are stupid all over the world..Britain, America, Africa,Asia but the Thai seem to be part a culture that embraces stupidity and takes it to the next level.
I wanted to say it is ok if you don 8767 t find me beautiful, I know I am, my frieds and family know I am and in other parts of the world people are actually risking skin cancer for my tone just as they are risking a condition by injecting white collegen enhancers and emulsifiers into your skin well I hope they continue in fact pass me the needle.. only time will tell.
The show when plastic surgery goes bad comes to mind, their ignorance astounds me and will be their downfall.. you will The thought of rude Thai women who have looked down their stupid *censored* noses at me just for being my colour in ten years having to wear michael jackson masks because they have fkd with their skin makes me laugh.. bring it on.. :o) a very genuine smile!!!!!! I don 8767 t want to wallow in negativity but as a result even the ones who are nice to me I now question. Thaiand has been ruined for me I wont even come back for a oliday. Can 8767 t wait till my contract is up.
Fukd up place very fkd up but at least I go home with skin as tough as a rhinos hide hypothetically of course, I am 87 years old but thai women have to touch me constantly as they don 8767 t believe it, then they turn away and make comments. I do look 78, one of the positives of having darker skin, but then these stupid people won 8767 t know tis until it 8767 s too late.

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